About Us

Arnelia is a specialist wholesale nursery.  We produce potted plants for sale to retail garden centres and landscapers in South Africa.  We grow many different species and cultivars (cultivated varieties) of plants in the family Proteaceae as well as a number of different Buchu’s (Agathosma), Geraldton Wax Flower (Chamelaucium) and a range Bougainvilleas.

In the family Proteaceae we grow plants in the genera Protea, Leucadendron (cone bush), Leucospermum (pincushions), Serruria (Blushing Brides), Aulax, Mimetes and Orothamnus (March Rose), all South African members of the family, as well as Telopia (Waratah) and Banksia from the Austalian part of the Proteaceae family.

In Bougainvillea, we grow varieties in a range of colours that are suited for container growing as well as varieties more suited as screening plants.

For more details on all the plants the we grow, please view the Our Plants page.

For your nearest stockist of Arnelia plants in South Africa, please view the Stockists page.

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